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Superteam - Orange DAO Fellowship S24 Application Form

Superteam - Orange DAO Fellowship S24 Application Form

12-week sprint designed to help you find product-market fit and grow your Web3 business.
The program culminates with Demo Day where you have the chance to pitch top Web3 investors. You can find more information here.

Founder Info




Referral Code

Referral codes can be obtained from Orange DAO members (No worries, if not!).

How many founders does your company have?

How many founders does your company have?

Company Info

Company Name


Required Questions

The following are all the required questions. The next page contains only optional questions.

What is your one-liner?

100 characters max.

What are you building?

Tell us more about your product.

Why are you the right founders to build this product?

What aspects of your background or experience enable you to succeed?

What do you know about your customers or market that others don't?

How did you gain this insight?

Describe your ideal customers. How do you know they need this?

Who are your customers and why do they care about what you're building?

What convinced you that this is a big opportunity?

When did you start working on this?

Accuracy to the month is acceptable.

What is the most important metric for your product?

What is your traction?

How much capital have you raised for this company?

Include all capital raised from investors, accelerators, grants, or hackathons.

Optional Info

Completing these will increase your chances of being accepted.

Upload a one-minute video about the founders and the company.

Upload your fundraising materials.

Verify that it's publicly viewable.

How do you make money?

What is your business model? Are you B2B or B2C?

LinkedIn Profile of all founders.

Name: link to the LinkedIn profile.

If any of your founders have been backed by YC before, link their Bookface profile.

Who writes the code on your team?

Provide their GitHub repo or profile link.

What is your wallet address?

How do you expect the Orange DAO Fellowship to help you?

Where are you based?


How did you find us?

How did you find us?