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Here's our email, twitter and discord. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.
We believe that these questions will help us get to know you better and give you an opportunity to reflect on important aspects of your life. There is no word limit, so feel free to express your thoughts without any restrictions. We value authenticity, so write whatever comes to mind without worrying about being judged. This is not your average application form, so don't spend too much time proofreading. Just be yourself and let your thoughts flow freely.

What's the best email to reach you?

What should we call you?

Age is just a number. What's yours?

Are you currently attending a high school or a college?

Are you currently attending a high school or a college?

Share some things you have worked on before

Tell us about your background

Is there something you are currently working on? (personal project or job?)

What areas are you interested in?

Share some future goals or plans you have set for yourself

What do you hope to gain from being a part of our community?

Please share your social links

How did you find us?

Take your time to answer these questions.

What makes you wake up tomorrow? a drive maybe, anything. Is there anything that you really look forward to?

What direction do you feel that you do not want your life to go in?

If you had the privilege to talk to any 5 personalities - who would it be?

Tell a few things which have had the most impact on you

If someone came to you and said that she wants to earn a lot of money, what would be your advice to that person?

Tell us about your experience with traditional education. Have you ever disagreed with a widely adopted system other than the education system? If so, explain.

Are there some principles which you abide by in your life? (could be inspiration from religion, spirituality, philosophy or entirely your own)

What is your approach to life and the world?

What are your wildest ideas or dreams you want to fulfill?