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Your Cape Town Guide Author Application

Hi! Thanks for considering becoming an Author for We're always looking for talented writers who love this city as much as we do.
Just as a reminder, this is what we stand for at YCTG, and as a writer for us, you'll have to abide by these simple rules too:
1. We accept all people are different and have their own views of the world and our City. We write from our own perspective, with our own unique lens of the world.
2. We do not write any false-truths, mistruths, deceptive or click-bait content.
3. Everything we write is for the betterment and upliftment of our community. If it does not add value in any way, it won't be published.
4. We operate on a shared-value basis. The more value (readers) you bring to our little publication, the more you share in the revenue of it. Better writing = better remuneration.
With all that in mind... we're keen to have you on board! Please give us as much info as possible in the form below.