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ReFi Event Organizers Guild 🗺️

Welcome! 👋
We are so excited to kick off this new adventure.
The members of the guild coordinate to build their local communities, define priorities, raise funds, and set standards for ReFi events, all with the validation coming from grassroots organizations with the support of global partners.

What can you expect?

As an event organizer, you’ll get the chance to tap into the collective intelligence of the community and all the resources that have been collected and prepared to support event organizers during two seasons of ReFi Spring events. 👏

Who should apply? 🤙
The Guild is open to everyone who:
1. Needs help, or is willing to support the organization of ReFi events.
2. Believes that local, IRL events are important part of the ReFi experience.
3. Want to take part in the definition of minimum requirements of ReFi events.
4. Needs help, or is willing to support, the creation of public goods to be used at ReFi events.
Applications are OPEN!