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MASK Tactical Guest Contributor Application Form

Please complete all the details on this form to be considered for the guest contributor team. Pay attention to the details and be honest and thorough.

What Content Creation Experience Do You Have?

Do You Have Wordpress Experience?

In your own words, tell us the extent of your experience as a content creator.

What's Your Background?

Content References

What Devices Do You Own?

WordPress isn't the most friendly when it comes to mobile. You're going to need and want an actual computer or larger tablet to do this job. (Select all that apply)

What Type of Content Would You See Yourself Creating For Us?

Do You Agree To Our Creator Agreement?

Do You Agree To Our Creator Agreement?

What Do You Hope To Gain From This Relationship?

Any Files You Want Us To See?

Certifications, achievements, etc. Please note, if you are claiming to have a background in special forces, high ranks in martial arts, or anything of similar nature we are going to require some sort of proof. Please attach it here if you have anything. If you don't attach it, this will hurt your chances of making it onto the program. We owe it to our readers to fact-check.

Comments or Questions?

We will review your application typically within 2-3 business days and we will respond to you via the email you provide and schedule a phone/video call if we wish to proceed.

If you are approved, we will put you through an on-boarding process to get you integrated and up to speed on our content standards and workflows.

If you're denied, we will respond back to you letting you know the reason(s) why we denied you.

Thanks for submitting an application!