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Application Form - Freelance Content Writer

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Visit to learn more about the role of a freelance content writer at Springzo.

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Can you upload your resume here?

Do you have a couple of writing samples you can share with us?

Topics/domains you are highly skilled at?

Can you tell us more about your professional writing experience? It'd be great if you can walk us through what you know.

What's your expected per word compensation?

Please write below a catchy intro/hook (250-300 words) for a blog article on the following topic,

Setting Up A Venture Capital Funnel? Here's How To Optimize Deal Flow
1️⃣ The audience for this article is founders of early-stage startups. They do not need to be preached a lot. They may be evaluating their funding options and want to consider VC funding.
2️⃣ The aim of the article is to help them understand how best they can work on it if they choose to go for venture capital funding. So, craft your intro accordingly.
Additional notes:
1️⃣ You will work on the ‘intro' with the aim that it hooks readers to want to read the rest of the article.
2️⃣ It necessarily doesn't have to be a summary of the article. Think of it as a teaser for the rest of the article, something that's enough to let them know what we're talking about is of prime importance (without sounding vague) but not to the extent that it gives out the whole article. We hope you get the drift.

How many 800-1000 word blog articles can you take on per week?

What is your current work situation?

Are you open to taking a quick test as part of the selection process?

Do note that this is not a paid trial. We won't publish this content anywhere. You retain full ownership of the content you write. All good?

Anything else you'd want to share with us?

One last question. Did you go through the process document we shared in Step 1 above?

One last question. Did you go through the process document we shared in Step 1 above?