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Notion Voice Tasks – Microsoft Azure Interest Form

Hey there, Thomas Frank here!
If you represent a company interested in using my Notion Voice Tasks automation in a more private manner through Microsoft Azure's ChatGPT endpoints, you can sign up for updates here.
By using Azure's ChatGPT API rather than the one offered directly through OpenAI, your company can apply to have abuse monitoring disabled. If approval is granted, this means prompts and completions will not be stored for 30 days, which is normally what happens both with Azure's and OpenAI's APIs.
Azure's ChatGPT endpoints are currently accessible only through an application & approval process.
My company is currently waiting for approval to access the Azure ChatGPT API. If approved, we'll explore the feasibility of offering an alternate variant of the Notion Voice Tasks workflow that utilizes Azure's ChatGPT API.
Update: My company was approved for access to Azure's OpenAI endpoints rather quickly, but was denied for modified abuse monitoring because we aren't a managed Microsoft customer. At this time, it seems like being a managed customer is the only way to get this request granted.
If you're interested in being notified if/when this alternative workflow becomes available, please register your interest below.
A couple of notes:
First, the Azure workflow variant will be a paid product. The free OpenAI version took nearly 3 months of active development to create, so I'll be using the Azure variant as a way to subsidize that free version. Assuming that creating it is viable (I'm still waiting on approval from Microsoft), my tentative pricing will be $500, one-time – which is likely far less than you'd have to pay a developer to set this up for you.
Second, your company will only be able to use the Azure variant of the workflow if your application is approved by Microsoft. Additionally, you will need to apply to have abuse monitoring disabled. Both application links are provided above, and here is the link to Azure's OpenAI data & privacy details. I'd recommend setting up a company Azure account (applications from personal email address domains are currently being rejected) and applying for Azure OpenAI access now.
If I am able to successfully release this workflow variant for sale, you'll want to be approved by Microsoft before purchasing it. Just like with the free OpenAI variant, this workflow will be completely controlled by you – it will exist in your Pipedream account and use your own Microsoft Azure account. I'm simply providing the shared workflow link, which sets the workflow up and imports all the code into your workspace. As a reminder, you can review the code for the free workflow variant on GitHub.
The information submitted via this form will only be used to contact you with information and updates regarding this automation, alternative automations for this purpose (e.g. I'll let you know if we figure out a different privacy-friendly way to do this, such as with the open-source Llama2 model) and, if applicable, any automation ideas you share in the final question. You will not be added to my Notion Tips newsletter, but you can click that link and sign up if you're interested.

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