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We're thrilled to be able to offer a pay-what-you-can Membership.
Please add your email here and in the next page. Once you click Next, you'll be routed to our payment page on Stripe. There, you can choose the Qty (quantity) to choose what you pay per month: Any number from $1 to $99 per month! ✨
After the Stripe page, you'll be routed to our Membership Agreement and private app log-in for you to create your Profile, download and bookmark to return to anytime. There, you'll get access to all your member benefits and get connected with your community!
What does AKALAKA do with money earned from members?
We help to cover the costs of creating, growing, and sustaining the network of support and resources we need on our lifelong journeys with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
If you do not have the ability to pay with a credit card, please contact us at and we'll work with you on other forms of payment, whether financial or in-kind (e.g., helping the network with your time and talents).