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EVP Core Team 2023–2024

Hello, fellow visual practitioners!
Every year half of the coreteam is ready to be replaced be new and fresh volunteers. That means we are now in search of 4 people that will keep the flame burning and move the European Visual Practitioners community ahead!

Before we start

The data you provide through this form will be used by the EVP core team to assess you as a candidate and will be deleted after the process is complete.
Do you agree?

Your Why

We would love to hear and see your reasons for joining the core team.
To explore this question we suggest:
• Think about question 1) and 2) below.
• Visualize your answers and upload the image in the upload box.
(Make sure to label the file with your name.)
• Write your answer in the text boxes below for a short summary.

1) What is your vision for the EVP community?

2) What is your motivation to join the EVP core team?

3) What would you like to work on in the Core Team?

3) What would you like to work on in the Core Team?

About you

Anything else?

Would you like to add anything?