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The 2023 Coffee Business Owner Salary Survey

Hello, and thank you for participating in the first-ever Coffee Business Owner Survey.
Your insight will help create the first benchmark for personal compensation among coffee shop and roasting company owners, and will be invaluable for entrepreneurs who are evaluating a potential future in the world of coffee.
** This year, the survey is only open to businesses located in the United States ** This survey consists of nine short questions and will take four minutes to complete.
** All answers are completely anonymous. We will never share identifiable data.
** Survey run dates: February 2nd through March 1st
** Results to be published: March 2023
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Thank you!
— Garrett Oden and the Fresh Cup team

What is your email?

** This is only to validate your entry. Your answers are anonymous. ** Email addresses will be deleted from the data set at the close of the survey.

What kind of coffee business are you?

(check all that apply)
What kind of coffee business are you?

What kind of city is your business located in?

What kind of city is your business located in?

If you own coffee shops, how many locations do you have?

On average, how many hours do you work per week?

What does your work typically look like?

Are you roasting coffee, serving guests on barista shifts, focused on growth and hiring?

What percentage of the business do you own?

How many years has your business existed?

What was your total personal compensation in 2022 from the business? (regular wages + distributions)

Anything else that could be helpful to know about your take home pay?

Thank you very much!