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@koboldkinks' Commission Form!

Hi, I'm Rascal and this is my commission form! If your commission is something I can take on, I'll reply as soon as I'm able with a quote! If I'm not able to take it I will reply to let you know that as well. Need to check prices? Take a look here! Thank you!

What is your name?

How can I contact you?

Please share how I can best contact you. Email is preferred, but Twitter/Mastodon and FurAffinity are also accepted. I do not conduct new commissions through Discord or Telegram at this time.

How detailed should the commission be?

Is this a private commission?

If you would prefer me not to share the finished piece on my gallery or social media, you can specify that here.

What would you like me to draw?

Describe your idea, along with any particular vibe or feeling you'd like me to go for.

Reference Material

Please provide visual references for your commission, such as character/pose references or moodboards. If you have a pose idea but no reference, even an MS Paint stick figure drawing helps! Note: I do not work off written descriptions of characters! You must have some kind of visual reference.

Below, you can either link to your references, upload them, or both!

Do you have a deadline?

For time-sensitive commissions, like birthday or holiday gifts.

Anything else?

Tell me if there's anything else I should know about your commission!


By submitting this form, you agree to the following:
A minimum of half the full amount must be paid before work begins. Commissions are eligible for full refunds only if WIP submissions have not yet been approved. Commissions may not be used as NFTs or for use with AI art generation under any circumstances. Commissions are for private use only; contact for commercial release pricing.