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Ignite the future.

If you've ever sat around a campfire you would know of the power of the stories shared. As you stare into the blazing red flames in front, you know that a fire burns stronger the closer it is together. With a bit of guidance here and there you know that the fire which is lighting up your dark sky can become a bonfire.

About the Audience

We want to show the young entrepreneurs that they are not alone. There are opportunities for the younger youth (high school) to connect. There are opportunities for the veteran founders and innovators to share their stories of passing. There is a lack of opportunity for those 18 to 25 year old. There is a lack of opportunity for them to showcase the fire they are burning late at night amidst university lectures. There is a lack of opportunity for them to show the broader entrepreneurship community how they should be taken seriously and how they really are creating a better tomorrow today. If you've ever tried starting a fire, you would know that you can't make a bonfire by going from twigs to logs. We want create a weekend where the fire of this untapped demographic will burn brighter not because it's burning faster, but because it has found a bonfire to burn in.

Why support this demographic

It isn't just about giving back. It's about having unfathomable impact on not just one person but a whole society. That one conversation, at what is one of the most vulnerable touch points in the careers of many, can ripple into years of positive impact.

Event specifics

Further details regarding draft event schedule/program can be found below. Note that this program is subject to change and if you're keen for something else, we're all ears.

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2.1 Which option is most appropriate?

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