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Aleph Zero EFP grant application

We're excited to hear more about your project!
Teams that show commitment to the network and plan to help it grow will have a greater chance of receiving support. We'll be happy to help with your initiative as long as it will provide value to the Aleph Zero ecosystem, other builders, and the broader community.

What is your name

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What is the website of your project?

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Project Pitch Deck or White paper

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Tell us more about your team

How many people will work on the project? What experience does your team have in the project's domain? Please share your team's LinkedIn profiles.

Project description

Please include as many details as possible. If your proposal is technical, please include a high-level description of the technical specification. Add links, videos, websites, and any other resources you'd like us to see.

Why do you want to build on Aleph Zero?

How will your project add value to the Aleph Zero Ecosystem?

How is your project different?

Please list your biggest competitors and let us know what makes you different. Focus on USPs.

Is your project currently deployed anywhere?

What is the grant amount that you would like to request?

Please remember to divide your project into milestones and indicate what grant do you request for each milestone.

What would you use the grant for?

Please provide information on milestones, team engaged and estimated timing of each milestone.

Would you like to add anything?

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Supplemental documentation

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Do you accept the terms of the Aleph Zero Foundation's privacy policy?