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Women mentorship program - mentorship application

Welcome to the Women Tech Care application form. Women Tech care is a mentorship program for women who are enrolled in a BeCode training or have successfully finished a BeCode training in the recent past.

Why apply as mentee?

A mentorship program serves as a way to stimulate a person's personal and/or professional development. While transitioning into a new career this can give you an additional edge. For example: A mentor might have certain insights in your new field and help you discover or grow your most valuable skills and knowledge to help you thrive in that field. They can also help you feel more confident in moving forward or point you into the right direction and share resources with you.

Who can apply as mentee?

People who meet the following conditions: - Identify as a woman - Are currently or up until recently enrolled in one of the bootcamps at BeCode

What does a mentor do?

Basically, a mentor is someone who works with their mentee and helps them to reach their goals. Often these are individuals who already have some experience under their belt and have come to excel in certain aspects of their field due all the hard work they have already put in.

What not to look for in a mentor (in this specific program)

Note that our mentors work in the same field(s) as you are aiming for, but they might not work in the exact role / position you want them to. So please look beyond their position and rather to their field experience as these mentors have tackled their own mix of obstacles during their career to get to the point where they are now.

⏳ Duration / Time

The goal is that each mentee receives 7 hours of individual mentorship in total, before the end of the year. So these 7 hours can be spread over several weeks and months to make this more feasible for you.
P.S. we noticed that people using hotmail addresses might have more difficulties receiving our communication (this might also apply to outlook). All program communication is sent from [email protected], which hotmail is known to filter as spam. The best way to counter this is to whitelist the address or use a different email.

This program is sponsored by

The Orange Foundation