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The Codetrain Admission Form(UX/UI Class)

We're proud of you.

You've taken the first step to starting the career of your dreams.
There's something you need to know.
At Codetrain, we're committed to being teachable, honest and excellent.
If you don't care for these values, you will not fit in at Codetrain.
And that's okay.
But if you get excited by the same things we value, then we encourage you to apply.
This form should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.
We broke it up into sections so you don't feel overwhelmed.
But before you get into it...

First things first

-Every piece of information I will submit is true.
-All the documents I will submit are valid.
-I realize that the admission fee and all subsequent fees I pay to Codetrain Africa are non-refundable.
-If any lies are discovered, Codetrain gets to withdraw my application.
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