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Workshop: Build a Personal Knowledge Garden

Information is essential to your work. And yet, it overwhelms you.
Every day you sort through emails, research findings, project details, essays, webinars, and more. You collect bookmarks, capture documents, and scribble notes. You hope it'll make you smarter and amplify your creative output. Sadly, the result is often a digital tarpit where information goes to die.

Mastering information requires building a system to make it cohere.

Join information architects Karl Fast and Jorge Arango for an engaging hands-on exploration of emerging tools for thought and their underlying philosophies, principles and processes. We'll show you how to build a generative "knowledge garden" using Obsidian, a leading next-generation note-taking tool.

What will you learn?

🌱 Take better meeting notes
🌱 Generate better ideas
🌱 Learn how to remember things better
🌱 Find ways to take organized notes
🌱 Use digital tools to help you take and manage notes

Workshop format

• The workshop lasts four weeks, starting on the week of Nov 27, 2023
• We'll meet over Zoom once per week
• Each meeting lasts two hours, from 8 AM - 10 AM U.S. Pacific Time
• You'll be required to install Obsidian on your computer (Obsidian is free for personal use)
If you have any questions, leave a message with Jorge.

About the facilitators

Karl Fast

Karl Fast helps people think well in a world jam-packed with information. He holds a PhD in how we interact with information to think and understand. He was a professor of User Experience Design at Kent State University, has worked in user experience design since 1994, and is co-author of Figure It Out: Getting from Information to Understanding.

Jorge Arango

Jorge Arango is an information architect, author, and educator. He's the author of Duly Noted, an upcoming book about connected note-taking. He's also author of Living in Information, co-author of Information Architecture: for the Web and Beyond, and host of The Informed Life podcast. He also teaches at the California College of the Arts.

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