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Lofi Studio: Freelance Artist

As a Lofi Girl freelancer, you will have your profile saved in our artists data base and be among the first to be contacted if your profile matches a project requirement. Our studio works on a daily basis with Lofi Girl and Lofi Records but works also on external projects with other brands such as Disney, WattPad and Epic Games. If we are interessted in your work, we will reach back to you through email or Discord to set up a first paid project as "test".

● Create high-quality HD animations, illustration or assets
● Suggest creative ideas for current projects or submit new project ideas
● Collaborate closely with and take direction from our artistic director
● Implement changes and completely finished works in accordance with schedules
● Maintain an open and professional demeanor regarding direction, changes and shifting requirements
● Professionnal experiences in your domain
● Understanding of our art direction and Ghibli-like visuals
● Understanding of Lofi Girl’s character design as
● Understanding of the mood and vibe of the different types of Lofi Music
● Strong communication skills
● Good level of English or French
● Familiar with the Lofi Girl universe
● Regular lofi hip hop listener
● Friendly and funny personality to join our close-knit team