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KodaDot Artist Grant Program

An NFT platform that mints art forever and has low CO2 emissions and can save forests too?
We hear you fellow artists!
KodaDot is ready to onboard you at no-cost and will provide you the initial funds from our Grant Pool. It uses the $KSM coin to mint and interact with the blockchain.
Our community contributes to reversing climate change through carbon-offsetting: Offsetra (10 tonnes of CO2), and support safe spaces with our LGBTQ+ allies at #Pride2021.
We welcome everyone to nurture this growing ecosystem of #GreenNFT and beyond.
Head to the link below to install the Polkadot Wallet in your browser: Once you've created your wallet, please paste it below the address bar.

Polkadot Address






Website or Portfolio

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What are your expectations from this grant and the platform?