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Ed3 DAO Open Source Education Events | Micro-Grant Application

Updated July 15, 2024

Please use this form to request funds for Ed3 Open Source Education Events.

Please refer to these guidelines before filling out this form. Once this application is submitted, it will be made public in our community Discord. Revisions cannot be made to the form once submitted but comments in our community are welcome.

⭐You must be an Ed3 NFT holder to qualify for these micro-grants. Please add a link to your Ed3 NFT from OpenSea in the box below. This will help us identify your public wallet address for fund disbursements, as well. If you need additional help with this, please ping an Ed3 DAO team member in our Discord server (join through
Your Ed3 DAO Discord name
Which funding round are you applying for?
Type of event you want to facilitate
Topic of event