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Payment gateway

We provide a crypto payment gateway but soon will allowed fiat payment as well. Follow those simple steps to get started:
1. Enter your resource name
2. Proceed to the payment in crypto using the QR code below
Price : 39$
Note that we only accept the following tokens : USDC, USDT, DAI, FRAX, ETH
Ethereum : 0xfcFEa894dA2c0b7686a20e6c582d186CC1Cdc693
Polygon : 0xfcFEa894dA2c0b7686a20e6c582d186CC1Cdc693
Arbitrum : 0xfcFEa894dA2c0b7686a20e6c582d186CC1Cdc693
3. Click "Submit" here so we can link up your payment