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How do you save your thoughts? ๐Ÿค”

I find interesting ideas and thoughts everywhere: in articles online, books, podcasts, YouTube, tweets, conversations with people and in my own head. They trigger my thinking and I want to keep that going so I try to 'save' these ideas from others and my own additions.
Sadly, my process of keeping track of that is all over the place: I'm bookmarking links, use Google Keep for book-ideas, Bear for notes, annotations in my ereader, paper notes, markdown files... And of course my brains. Like I said, it's a big mess.
This made me curious: are others saving notes, ideas and thoughts? And how?
I'm hoping to learn a process that fits for me, and writing an article about it. So please help me learn by answering some questions:
Do you have a (structured) process for collecting notes/thoughts?
I don't really have a processNotetaking is my life
Which of the following tools do you use to keep track of notes, articles, ideas etc?
For instance: "I write interesting quotes on paper, and type them in a Prezi board once a week to make links. I then use those thoughts to share with my work-colleagues or as material to write an article"
How happy are you with your process?
It's badIt's perfect
I might ask you a follow up question, and will send you the article when it's done!