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Wanted: fast-thinking hyper-nerds who also happen to write and want to make money on the internet.

We Are

Bolt from the Blue Copywriting.
We make words make money. (And make our clients very, very happy :) )
We have clients all over the world, in industries ranging from accounting to astrology, which sounds like a joke but isn't. We've got lawyers, coaches, org dev people, salon owners, chocolatiers, systems developers, and anyone else you can imagine in between.We work fast, and as a team. We have defined systems in which we work, and you need to be able to work within them. They are not hard. We will teach you :)

You Are

— Heavy on the nerd energy. You love learning about anything and everything all the time. You enjoy things like psychology, ethical persuasion, the neurobiology of strong communication. You know. Nerd stuff like that.
— Angry at all this dude-bro marketing bullshit. We don't write like that.
— Excited to make some dollars while working from wherever you want, whenever you want.
— Freakishly good at getting into other people's brains. You can think from other people's perspective.
— Able to speak Internet. You understand tone well, and can shift your writing to match the tone of various audiences. (To me, this feels like writing in an accent. IDK, you?)
— Take direction well and get better fast. We're happy to train. But you need to be eager — and able — to learn.
— Have at least some basic experience with writing blogs, emails, social media. (Even if just for yourself. But if you were a VA 2 months ago and have just rebranded to be a "copywriter" just b/c you think it sounds cooler and pays more ... this is not the gig for you.)
— Really good at reading in between the lines — we are detailed and dedicated in our notes and assignments, but we can't make you think. You gotta be able to do that on your own.
— A phenomenal communicator. You don't hesitate to say when you have a question, are unsure about something, or are getting into the weeds. This goes x 10 million for information around deadlines.
— Committed to doing what you say you're going to do. You take responsibility for your own work. You don't expect us to be checking in on you every single day to make sure you're doing what you need to be doing.
— Not into plagiarization. You'd think we wouldn't have to say that ... and yet...
— Have some basic technical know-how. The "suggesting" function in google docs doesn't scare you and you understand why we give the side-eye when clients use a .outlook email. Experience with Notion is amazing, but full (and enthusiastic) training provided.
— Ready to show up and relate to us like humans, and expect us to do the same with you.
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