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The Steal Club data

The Steal Club Data & Audience

*Last update January 2023
List size: 4.685
Open rate: 55%
Click rate: 5,7%
According to a recent survey (January 2023), this is a breakdown of our audience demographics:
NA (USA + CANADA) — 38%
Europe — 37%
Asia — 13%
Other (AF, SA, ME, O) — 12%
Occupation (they could select more than 1)
Content Creator — 50%
Entrepreneur — 41%
Writer — 29%
Marketer — 28%
Creative Entrepreneur — 27%
Maker — 10%
Other — 10%
"Journey stage"
Intermediate — 53%
Beginner — 40%
Expert - 7%

Ad Types

#1 - "Brought by" ad (Top of the newsletter)

Your brand would be the first thing the audience sees when they open the email.
Max words allowed: 50

#2 - Classified ad (Bottom of the newsletter)

Your brand appears among other links at the bottom of the newsletter (before send off)

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What type of ad are you interested in?
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