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Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm Binh Pham, a huge startup enthusiast and founder. I created this membership in late 2023 as I found it hard to find peers who have the same interests and drive in startups as me. Till this point, it has acquired just bit more than 2000 members.
Through this membership, you can have access to:
- Curated Job Alerts: Job Information sent straight to your email every week based on your interest.
- Startup Discovery: A weekly note from me introducing some cool new startups I came across and their impacts.
- Startup Resources: A compilation of 120+ startup resources I came across as a founder, from ideation tips to finance and legal frameworks.
The membership will stay forever free. If you like it, ping me at [email protected] or on LinkedIn. I'm always up for some lunch talk, online or offline in Budapest, Hungary.

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