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One Network Member

Those who are active will get the most prompt/best support! Discord activity + social media liking and resharing - we will monitor and support.
We are looking to add both experienced and inexperienced or "wantrepreneur" entrepreneurs as part of this experiment and collaborative experience. Both are accepted and will benefit.
Membership and participation is PRO BONO. We are not a course/scam - so you will have access to all future assets to help you as an entrepreneur.
BUT we prioritize helping each other out.
As part of membership - we would hop
- You try your best to attend most of the daily meetings at 1pm ET, even if means only hopping on for a few minutes and asking a few questions via chat.
-You are active in the interest channels - and greeting new members to help out. If there is a topic you want to advice or mentor on, or need some help on, you reach out to Sid (Head of Operations) Or Chris to create new channel and why they should make you A MOD.
-You are open to doing work (sales, design, social) for other more experienced companies pro-bono/on a trial basis to get experience and earn connections IF you don't have any professional connections to contribute to the network.
-If you are a more experienced entrepreneur, you mentor and provide intros to the younger guys in exchange for the work they give you pro bono on slack. - That you engage and follow our mentors (namely Chris) or affiliate accounts on social media- and regularly reshare, comment, and subscribe to the content. We can promote YOURS as well - just DM us.
you can use your social link if company is not set up yet.
(ensure this matches your tag on discord and that you have a profile picture uploaded of your actual face so we can intro you to clients. Having camera on in meetings is also key)
Who referred you? if any - list if DM or you found us from content, email etc- add link if possible