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The Garden Venue Rental Inquiry

Hey you crazy diamond,

Each year we open our paradise a small handful of values aligned, externally organized gatherings. We are particular about what happens here. Here are the specs of our campus. The Garden is 9 hectare (23 acres) with nearly 2000sqm of floorspace. We currently have 10 rooms/cabins + glamping for 150. If your gathering is curated & you don't need exclusivity, it's possible for it to coincide with our residencies. This is specifically for existing, aligned communities, networks, or something like a birthday festival. Otherwise, you can see our calendar here to get an idea what dates are blocked. Camping season is April 15 to October 15. For exclusivity in 2024, we have availability from September 23th onward.

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What is the concept?

What makes this gathering special?

Which five values most uniquely capture the spirit of this gathering or the people within the community?

Why do you want to host it at the Garden?

What is your desired capacity?

What are your desired dates?

Would you like to do a full buy-out or partial?

We have lots of space & privacy. If partial, there are more dates available.

Would you like us to cater?

Is plant-based + eggs OK?

Is your event non-profit or for-profit?

Who has the largest stake and what % do they take?

What is the range you're charging for tickets?

sample of our meals from April 2024
sample of our meals from April 2024

Please upload any files to help us understand?

(There isn't a max quantity/size)

Any links for reference / past years?

Thank you!