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Podcast guest application

It's so cool that you want to be a guest on the Brand it! with Petchy podcast! Please answer a few questions to help me determine whether you will be a good fit for the show.

The basics

Your bio

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do – if I was to introduce you as a guest, what would you want my listeners to know about you and your zone of genius?

Your headshot

Please upload a high quality portrait photo of yourself, for use on the episode page and promotional materials. This should be no smaller than 2000 px along the shortest side.
Size limit: 10 MB
Below is a sample episode graphic, so you can see how your photo will be used:

Now gimme your best pitch!

Your proposed episode title + a brief summary. What do you want to talk about and why would that be a great topic for my audience?

The tech stuff

To ensure a smooth, high-quality interview, the following minimum setup requirements apply. Please confirm that you have access to:
The tech stuff