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Community Partner Proposal (EN)

There are many benefits to working with us as an event partner. When you accept our Community Partner Proposal you can start to enjoy those benefits straight away! Read on... If your community is interested or connected with the topic or sector of one or more of our portfolio events, and you would like to work with us and to be even further connected with the sector, then this is a good opportunity for you. What are the benefits for you and your Community?
Logo and link of your Community on the official webpage of our event 20% discount for online tickets and 10% discount for in person tickets → 1 (one) gifted ticket to share with your Community as a Give Away. Either, a) 1 free in person ticket, or,  b) 3 free online tickets What do we ask in return from your Community?
Logo and link of the event on your Community webpage
To promote our event, with a slide, during one of your meetups or meetings (perfect scenario if your meeting is around one month prior to our event), and offer your free ticket (s) to the event and share your code for discounted tickets with your interested members
One or more posts on your social media channels (or reshare of our posts) or in your newsletter (s)