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ReFi Spring Season 2

Welcome! 👋
We are so excited to kick off our next season of ReFi events and scale impact together.
Last season we were able to support 27 ReFi events, in 20+ different countries, with an attendance of 3000+ people, and 50+ different organizations!

ReFi Spring 2023
This year we're launching our first cohort for event organizers to create a network of support for ReFi community builders all over the world.
If you're passionate about using in-person events to bring your community together towards the vision of regeneration, ReFi Spring is here to support you!

Who should apply? 🤙
ReFi Spring Season 2 is for committed event organizers who: a. Are committed to regeneration at a local and global level b. Have a clear vision and plan for running an in-person event
Applications are open until March, 3rd!