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Whitesburg Recreation Association
Membership Form

🏠 Basic Information

🪪 Membership Type

Whitesburg Pool is a member owned pool. Your membership represents your share of our organization and its property. A regular membership is a one-time fee of $50 and remains yours as long as you remain in good standing. They can even be bought and sold.
If you have never been a member before, trial memberships are available as a way to try out the pool for your first summer. These memberships do not come with voting privileges, but do cover everyone in your household for your first summer. No additional dues are required for this membership type.
Rocket City Swim League requires that all swimmers be members of the pool they swim for. We offer limited memberships for families who only wish to participate in swim/dive team. These memberships are only good for one year, do not come with voting privileges, and allow admission only during swim and dive events (practice and meets). No additional dues are required with these membership types. If you have a regular membership, you do not need to purchase a swim/dive membership to participate on these teams. In fact, we encourage all swim/team participants to consider a full membership so your whole family can enjoy the pool all summer!
If you are just updating your information, select "I already have a membership".
Membership Type

👪 Membership Privileges to Include

All individuals must live in same household as primary member. If you are paying individual dues, no other members may be listed. If you are paying couples dues, one additional member may be listed here.

🚑 Emergency Contact

👩🏻‍🔧 Special Skills or Talent

Our pool is run mostly by members who volunteer to help out where needed. If you have any special skills that might be useful to the pool, let us know here!

🗒️ Other Notes

Anything else you'd like to let us know?