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Coastal Postal Services Application

To apply for a position within Coastal Postal Services, you must meet the following requirements, otherwise you be failed immediately.
While the State of Medora is still in development, all game related requirements are null and for any residency or in-game related questions, type N/A.

Please join our group found here before applying: ROBLOX GROUP LINK HERE

- No criminal records within the past two weeks.
- No more than 2 felonies and 3 misdemeanors.
- Obtain residency within the State of Medora.
- Must have your Roblox inventory public until results are released.
- Must have 2FA on your Roblox account.

Please be sure to add lots of detail for the best result and outcome with your application. You can track your progress by visiting our database found at:

Good luck!


What is your Roblox username? (ex. estynva)

What is your Discord username, including the tag? (ex. cole#7629)

What is your timezone? (ex. Eastern Standard Time)

Are you currently a resident in the State of Medora?

Are you currently a resident in the State of Medora?

Please provide proof of your criminal record below. If your record is empty, please type N/A. (include a timestamp)

Please provide proof of your Roblox 2FA below, by sending a screenshot with a timestamp.