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Soul Awakened Leadership Cirle - Application
Welcome to Soul Awakened Leadership Circle and thank you for your interest in joining this powerful group container!
We meet once a week for a 60-minute mastermind session, where you get the chance to be coached by me and harness the collective wisdom of the group.
We will support each other in activating our soul callings, stepping up as leaders in our projects and relationships, and hold the vision of an awakening planet together.
We will be with you to celebrate your successes and to hold you in compassion through the setbacks on the journey.
The most powerful ingredient of this group are the people who join this mastermind. Therefore, I carefully choose from the applications who will be accepted to the container and ask you to use this also for your own personal reflection of your intention and motivation.
If you are accepted, I will send you the booking link for your payment. Once that is received, you will get the invitation to the next circle.
I look forward to welcoming you there!

Let's start with your personal details

Where are you in your life? Why do you want to join the Soul Awakened Leadership Circle and why now?

What would be the biggest impact on your life you can imagine this group will have?

What is something that you are bringing to the circle that you'd be excited to share and offer to the other members?

How did you hear about the Soul Awakened Leadership Circle?

Form of Payment

Form of Payment

Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for taking the time to share your answers!
I will get back to you usually within 24h and if accepted you will receive a link to finalize your booking! I'm excited to go on this journey with you!
For all our relations!