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Apps For Apple Vision Pro Submission Form

Submit your TestFlight app for Apple Vision Pro
Please include a promo code for your subscription or in-app purchase so we can fully check out your app and possibly create a YouTube video about it.
(Optional) If you want users to fully test your app plus your in-app purchases, please add a TestFlight link
Coming soon: not available for testing yet Waitlisted: available for private testing Public: publicly available to test now
TestFlight Status
At least 512x512 non-transparent app icon (PNG or JPG). Please do not upload the icon you use on your Mac version (with rounded corners) of the app.
Apple Vision Pro sized with a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio (PNG or JPG). Upload only high quality screenshots. If the image file sizes are too big, convert them to JPEGs directly via Finder on macOS. Note that we might not add all of the screenshots that you might upload.
A promotional image in case your app appears on the "Featured Apps" section, 4:3 aspect ratio (PNG or JPG)
A video showcasing your app (only YouTube url)
This can be your app's support or contact mail

This is your developer name that you use on the App Store
Your app or developer URL
We will use this to contact when your app listing is live