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Jane Friedman's Business Clinic Application

Jane's Business Clinics focus on complex challenges that writers face (at any stage of their career). Jane will help you identify next steps based on your own unique goals as well as current market conditions.
With 20 years in the business of writing and publishing, Jane has seen most challenges that writers face (and has also dealt with them personally). Business Clinics are meant to address issues that can't easily be tackled in an article or blog post. They require discussion with the writer and an understanding of the bigger picture of what the writer is trying to achieve.
If you are chosen for a business clinic session (held using Zoom), you will pay nothing. The session will be recorded and made available to the public, so you should feel comfortable discussing your business situation and goals in public.

What is your name?

What is your email address?

How long have you been writing?

Do you have a website? Add it here.

Have you published any work? This includes self-publishing and all forms of digital publishing.

Have you published any work? This includes self-publishing and all forms of digital publishing.

Describe the specific business challenge you face and how/why you're stuck. This is the most important thing you'll tell me. Again, be specific and make sure it's a business challenge, not a psychological challenge or a writing craft/technique problem.

Example of a psychological challenge: "I don't know if writing this book is worth my time" or "How do I know if I'm any good?" Take a look at THE WAR OF ART by Steven Pressfield if you're struggling with these issues.
Example of a writing craft/technique problem: "My work is 350,000 words and agents tell me it's too long. What do I do?" If you have a common writing problem like this, there's lots of advice out there on what to do.
Example of a business challenge: You're not sure whether to traditionally publish or self-publish your next project because you've been successful on both paths. How do you decide whether to go back to your traditional publisher or go it alone?

What have you done to solve this problem on your own? Or what advice have you received?

If there is anything else you think I should know, now is the time.