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basedVC onboarding

Welcome to the basedVC community onboarding process. We are delighted to explore a potential partnership with your community. However, before proceeding, it's important to clarify a few guidelines and expectations.
Limited Onboarding Spots:
basedVC offers special perks for partner communities, including exclusive airdrops. Due to the exclusivity and value of these perks, we have a limited number of onboarding slots available.
Application Review:
Please note that we review applications diligently. You can expect to hear back from a member of our team within 5 working days of submitting your application.
Promotion of basedVC Investments:
Partnered communities are obligated to inform their members about upcoming basedVC investments. A notice period of at least 7 days is required before each investment event to ensure members are well-informed.
Maintain an Active Social Media Presence:
We value community engagement and exposure. As such, we ask our partners to like, follow, and share basedVC's announcements and updates on Twitter and other social media platforms. A formal announcement about our partnership on your channels will also be required.
Efficient Communication:
For a seamless experience for all, any technical issues or queries should be promptly redirected to the basedVC support Discord.
Investment Quota:
To maintain the integrity and value of our partnership, there's a quarterly investment requirement from each partner community. For the first three months, this quota is set at $50,000.
By proceeding with this form, you acknowledge and agree to the outlined expectations. We look forward to potentially partnering with you and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.




Due to the high demand and our limited partner slots, we've set forth a clear onboarding process. To reserve your spot for 14 days, a non-refundable $250 deposit is necessary. Upon application approval, finalize the partnership by covering the remaining $4750, bringing the total onboarding fee to $5000. This amount aids in development integration. For prompt processing, kindly submit the transaction ID (txID) for the $250 payment made in USDC/USDT via the ETH/MATIC/BSC network to the address 0xA16941177D83Abd5473a5430cfeb803F1d44C066