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Invest in crypto token ownership

This links to a webpage that contains a crypto token built on the Algorand
Blockchain and instructions to take possession of the crypto token along
with contact information to make the crypto token work, rename token
and set the face value per token as you see fit and have it placed into
a Coinbase account with a account so the converted to fiat
currency can be spent with a virtual credit card that you set a maximum
spend amount and accepts any name/address as valid. There are also
links to change your online name and search the internet in private and
more privacy links. The crypto file is a $600 investment and contains a
total supply of 18 quintillion tokens. 18 quintillion is 18 followed by 18 zeros.
18 quintillion is 18,000,000,000,000,000,000
After payment is received you will receive a link from BLACKADDER
to receive your crypto token file. Your email address is only required
to send the crypto token file link to. You will not be spammed. Make PayPal payment here Click here to see the crypto token on the
blockchain. This is a screenshot.