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Love Post Co. Online Form

This form is for collecting prompts for typewritten love letters from the Love Post Co. a mobile pop-up participation piece.
If you're here it means you've come across:
• a poster for love letters. and/or
• love post co. pop-up | and/or website.
• just happened to stumble upon this mystical realm
Either way, glad you're here. Let's get started.

How this works:


A love letter, in this day and age? Why not. For you or for someone else, this online form takes you through the process of receiving or delivering a custom typewritten love letter.
These love letters are essentially mini fictional stories to bring a little joy to others. Unless otherwise stated within the Prompt Section, where you can write out specifically what you want the love letter to say, a love letter will used the selected words to guide the story.
*Note: All orders received through this online form will be delivered through mail.(Yes, even if it is to yourself.)
Questions and/or concerns? [email protected]
How will these letters be written?
With a typewriter.
How long will it take to receive a letter?
Once payment is received, it will take up to 3 weeks to be typewritten and delivered.
How much is a love letter?
(1) love letter costs $20
Where do these words come from?
From my brain. I use the selected words or written prompt to curate the letters.