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We are a synthetic biology company focused on agricultural bioproducts.

We're building a suite of microbial bioproducts with capabilities beyond today's existing tools. By enhancing natural biologicals with critical stress resilience genes, we can unlock new possibilities for agriculture - frost is just the beginning. We want to help growers around the world improve efficiency and productivity while lowering their costs and carbon footprint.

Our team is small and talented. Among our founding members, we have world leaders in molecular genetics, bioproduct development and manufacturing, and a core group of growers around the world eager to adopt innovative technologies.

Building frost protection tools is just the first step - we envision a world of net zero agriculture thriving under climate change and applications of synthetic biology beyond agriculture from sustainable biomanufacturing to health care. If you're excited by the possibilities of synthetic biology and want to work on some of the world's toughest problems - apply to join us today!




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