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Demo, Don't Pitch - Venue Sponsor Application Form

What is your full name?

What is your email?

What organization do you represent?

What kind of organization is this?

How many people can your space hold standing?

How many people can your space hold seated?

Assuming you provide the chairs / seating

Where is your space located?

Do you have audio / video capacity to handle presentations and associated audio?

Please share additional information about your A/V setup

Is it a projector or screens? How large are they? Do you have mics? Mic stands? Are there any hard mounted cameras that can record the event? What about recording audio from the presenters?

Can you provide food (including a vegetarian option) and drink (including non-alcoholic options) to the full number of people you shared above?

Can you provide access to bathrooms at your facility that attendees can access without having to be escorted by an employee?

Can you provide access to wifi for presenters, presenters and attendees, or no one?

Please describe how an attendee will gain access to the space

In particular we want to understand requirements around security and submitting names in advance etc.