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Free Agile BIM crash course!

You may have heard of Agile, but do you know what it means in practice and how to apply it?

To help you to take action, I created this step-by-step and free Agile training targeted towards architects and architecture professionals.
It will allow you to understand the main concepts of agile methods like Kanban and Scrum and put them into practice in a few weeks. With Agile, you will be able to collaborate more effectively internally, with the project design team, and with the client.
During the training, I will send you weekly advices on how to implement Agile in your company, with plenty of examples from my experience as an architect. You will learn :

✅ How to collaborate more efficiently on a project

✅ How to priorize the tasks more effectively

✅ How to collaborate with BIM and Agile

If you have a question, or you want to share your experience. Don't hesitate to answer to the emails.
Once I receive your subscription, I will send you a welcome kit containing a Notion workspace with useful resources to get started.

So to signup to the course, please fill this form 👋

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