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Energy As A Public Good - Web3 Workshop Series Online Event Registration by FrontierDAO Thursdays 3rd Nov - 12th January 2023

Welcome to our online Workshops - Clmate Solutions, Energy As A Public Good & Energy Justice For All!

Practicals When? Ongoing Now! Weekly (except Nov 24th) Through January 12th, 2023

Our presenters will be discussing the following topics:
Climate Solutions, Web3, Fusion Energy, Energy Justice, Public Goods, Energy Democratization, Web3 Tooling, DeSci (decentralized science), DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), ReFi (regenerative finance), Space Technologies for Earth, The Decentralized Web, Catalyzing Emerging Technology & Scientific Innovation As A Collective... And more!
Each presentation will be followed by Q&A and Discussions.
Brought to you by FrontierDAO w/ support from Filecoin Foundation, Unfinished, Project Liberty & GR15

'With Fusion Energy - We are building a Star on Earth!'
When: Most Thursdays beginning Nov 3, 2022 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) thru January 2023
Please register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a zoom link to join the meeting. It is free.
Need More Info? Ping us at subj: WorkShops For Energy Justice!
November 3rd 1 pm ET - What is Decentralized Science? What Is A DAO? * 18h CET due to Daylight Saving
Speakers: DeSci Brazil; DeSci Africa ; & Drew from November 10th 1 pm ET - Energy As A Public Good - Explained & How Web3 Tooling & ReFi Are Catalysts
Speakers: Griff Green (Giveth, Token Engineering Commons); Sandra Ponce De Léon of (BlueHeart Economy ) November 17th 1 pm ET - Fusion Energy As a Climate Solution
Tony Donné, Program Manager, CEO, EUROfusion December 1st 12 pm ET - The State of The Fusion Industry - private, public, international
Michel Claesssens, Former Head of Communications, (current, Consultant Comms ITER)
December 8th 1 pm ET / 7 pm CET - Quantum Biology & Quantum Bio-Technology Case Study for: Why Science, Why Blockchain, Why A DAO Now?
Clarice D. Aiello, Quantum Engineer, UCLA Quantum Biology Tech (QuBiT) Lab
Drea Burbank, Founder, Savimbo (just added speaker on Climate & Blockchain)
December 15th 12 pm ET - What Is Energy Justice? Will Development of Energy Resources In Space Help Speed This Along? Is Fusion Energy The Solution?
Brady Loomer, Space Program, St. Mark's School (Boston), Educational Ambassador, AIAA
w/ Contessa Cooper - Subject Steward #DEIA & Climate / Energy
December 20th (Tuesday) 1 pm ET - Space & Fusion Technologies Adapted To Earth, Adapted To Space Jas Purewal, Physics & AstroPhysics Research Scientist, Analog Astronaut, @ukspacexplorer December 29th 1pm ET - Climate Solutions Now - What Are Our Options?
Dr. Wil Burns, Northwestern Masters of Science in Energy & Sustainability Program;
Terry Trevino, Space4All, “We need to be ready. Climate is evolving, and now is the time to address it."
- Terry Trevino January 5th 3pm ET (9PM CET) - Public Private Partnerships in Climate Solutions Technology - Focus on Fusion
Leonardo Biagioni, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Fusion For Energy
- 'Bringing The Power of The Sun To Earth'
January 12th 1pm ET - Ignition: It Changes Everything! Who's Investing In Fusion Energy & Why?
Harry Hamlin, Founder, TAE Technologies Inc. , 'Fusion Power, Clean Energy'