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Let's Glo Consultation

Describe skin challenges you are faced with. Please include as much detail as you can. How long has this been affecting you? How does this make you feel? Is this preventing you from doing/being/experiencing anything?

Please list any treatment you may have received or are currently undergoing from any professional to help alleviate your skin challenges

Please provide a list of current skin care products.

Include the brand, the product name and how often you use it
List up to 10 products. (If more than 10 are listed, only the first 10 will be tested)

Please list any medications and/or supplements you are taking

Please include the dosage and frequency

Additional comments or questions

Anything you feel is important to mention about your skin, drop it here!
Once you click submit, your information will be reviewed and a payment link will be sent within 2 business days. The cost for this service is $49 CDN + gst. We will contact you with results within one week of payment.
If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]