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PangeaDAO Community Creators Guild

The Pangea Creators Guild is a network of artists, builders, creators and Metaverse aficionados. We will open our Discord shortly where there will be chances to network within our community, and we will share opportunities for work and provide another avenue for creators to collaborate with Pangea. We will also be hosting spaces and confiding in our Creator’s Guild regarding future projects that Pangea will be launching. We are excited by the opportunities to welcome anyone passionate about joining our creative community and collectively building in the Metaverse.

Members will get first dibs to develop Pangea’s Metaverse land, be featured in Pangea’s community spotlight on Twitter, and receive governance rewards for participating in development decisions and determining how Pangea’s land will be built. This Guild does not require commitment and is completely free, and we are planning to share opportunities for artists to earn from our projects and those of our partners.

Please complete the below questionnaire if you would like to join Pangea’s Creator’s Guild.


Select your area(s) of expertise
Would you like to be featured in Pangea’s community spotlight in the future?


Pangea is building a community around our creators, and you will be an integral part of decision-making. If you are interested in contributing to the DAO or partaking in protocol governance, please comment with any relevant experience/motivation below