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Is a Premium Writers Room subscription right for you?

Hi there! We'll be launching the premium version of our Writers Room soon. As a reminder, the Premium version will cost $95 per month, or $900 for a yearly subscription.
It includes:
👫👫👫 6 companions: the 3 companions from the Free tier: Ichi, Lotus, and Alex; the 2 additional companions from the Basic tier: Kevin and Donna; and an additional companion called Anders focused on business communications.
♾️ Unlimited interactions!
🐕 Full integrated access to our existing LAIKA tool, where you can train unlimited brains (fine-tuned language models) to work with.
👩‍🎤 A bespoke personalised companion made just for you! You provide us with some guidelines for the companion and we'll craft them for you: bring your D&D character to life, get the guidance of a Napoleon expert, or have a friendly sparring partner designed to match your style!

First, what's your email address?

What excites you the most about a Premium subscription?

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

Thanks so much for your interest! We'll be back in touch with you as we roll out our Premium offering - in the meantime, if you have any questions or want to chat about anything to do with the Writers Room, just reach out to Char at [email protected]!