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WinterNode Job application

We are a growing Game Service Provider looking for individuals passionate about gaming and dedicated to always providing professional customer service!
- You must be able to speak English fluently. Additional languages are a plus!
- Have knowledge of Minecraft servers, VPS, or Web and a background in troubleshooting common problems. Other games are a plus!
- Experience with Pterodactyl or WISP and WHMCS is a plus!
What we are looking for:
Product Managers - You will own and manage a service we offer with a focus on expanding our market share and improving the customer experience.
Marketing Manager - You will create content for social media, update website content, and work with our product managers to develop new sales channels.
Game Manager - You will be up to date on current gaming news, will be familiar with modern game servers, and will be able to consistently research common configurations, errors/issues, and best practices to operate those game servers.
Customer Support - You will assist our customers in addressing their concerns and issues via Discord and the client area using the greatest patience and care to ensure their success.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

What position are you looking forward too?

What position are you looking forward too?

What would you like to do at WinterNode?

Why do you want to work for WinterNode?

Briefly discuss 1 skill that will help you be a successful member of our team and 1 quality or skill you wish to develop.

What is your current availability? If possible, please share insight on your future availability as well.

Anything else we should know?

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How did you hear about this job?

How did you hear about this job?

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