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Paris Open Science (PoPS) Speaker Application

We are currently accepting speaker applications for Paris Open Science (PoPS) tentatively scheduled for May 23rd, 24th & 25th in Paris, France.
This form is for submitting your abstract to speak as a featured speaker, as a panelist on a speakers' panel or to lead a workshop.
Paris Open Science, the unConference event, is a public event open to registered attendees taking place mid-May 2024 in central Paris, France.

The Overarching theme is #OpenScience

The event focus areas and discussions/ expert talks will be within the context of #openscience in the following disciplines:
* Space
* Fusion Energy
* AI
* AgTech/FoodTech
* OceanTech
* Robotics
* Climate Science
* Synthetic Biology
When drafting your abstract /speaker-panel-workshop proposal, please bear in mind these core pillars of #openscience as defined by UNESCO: FAIR Data, Rewards & Initiatives, Education & Skills, Future of Scholarly Communication, Next Generation Metrics, & DEIA (diversity, equity, belonging and accessibility), EOSC (European Open Science Cloud).
Please note your area of focus and other details in the fields below.

Name (first, last)


Personal or organisational website


Will you be able to speak/attend in person?

Please explain if 'maybe' answered above

Field(s) of Expertise

Specifics (Please describe how you plan to participate as a speaker, panelist or workshop host). If you are proposing a panel discussion, please include the names and contact info of the other panelists you are proposing.

If you are proposing a workshop, please give details as to the activity you propose, the number of participants you can lead in the session, any support or supplies you might need, the entire duration (we recommend a maximum of 75 minutes, and highly encourage 55 minute sessions)

Which day is preferable for you (tentative dates May 24th and 25th)?

Please upload your abstract as PDF only

(no more than 300 words and be sure to double check that your name and contact info is on the document). Thank you!

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