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Arts Green Book Day

Tuesday, 24th October 13:00 - 17:00 at Everyman Playhouse Bistro
5-11 Hope Street, L1 9BH
Hosted by Shift, Powered by Ecotricity
The sustainability network for Liverpool, Shift invites you to a workshop and networking event about The Arts Green Book with co-writer Paddy Dillon. Intended as a guide to support arts organisations to reduce the carbon emissions of their buildings and venues, artistic programme and productions the event is open to everyone involved in the arts in Liverpool as a way to develop our understanding and knowledge of creating sustainable practices in the arts. The book covers;  making changes to heating and insulation and energy usage, to more bespoke challenges between theatre, dance, visual arts, cinema, live music and more.
During the event there will be an introduction to the Arts Green Book by Paddy Dillon ,  as well as talks from green energy suppliers Ecotricity, Shift and a panel discussion between community cultural spaces Squash, Kitty's Laundrette and Future Yard. There will also be networking opportunities with artists and producers, funders and local authority supporting the Liverpool City Region path to Net Zero. 
Photo credit: Hellen Songa 'Scouse Flowerhouse: Wildflower Seed Saving at Everton Park'

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My organisation is a member of Shift:

Paddy Dillon 

Paddy Dillon is a director of Renew Culture, who in 2020 co-founded the Green Book initiative to help theatre-makers towards a sustainable future for theatre.

The Green Book brought theatre-makers together with sustainability experts to define clear guidance and shared standards for the journey to zero carbon. The Theatre Green Book is translated into ten languages and is being used worldwide. Paddy and his partner Lisa Burger have since established a network of Theatre Green Books across Europe and beyond with the shared goal of working together towards sustainable theatre.

Funded by Arts Council England and the Greater London Assembly, Paddy and Lisa have developed the Arts Green Book, to support all cultural organisations in the journey to net zero. 

Paddy was deputy chair, then chair of the UK Theatres Trust until 2021. He is chair of the International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, a theatre conference with events in eight global cities taking place in autumn 2023. As one of the UK’s leading theatre architects, he was responsible for the regeneration of the National Theatre, in London, alongside many other projects.


We’re EcotricityBritain’s greenest energy company. Our focus on energy is part of a wider vision for a zero carbon Britain, as set out by our founder Dale Vince.  


Ecotricity is part of the Ecotricity Group. We focus our work on four key areas - energy, transport, food and nature. It’s all part of our mission to create a greener Britain. Between them - energy, transport and food make up 80% of all our carbon footprints. By changing what we do in these areas, we can make the biggest possible difference.    


As a non-for-dividend company, we’re different to other ‘green’ energy companies as we build the infrastructure for new forms of green energy funded by our customers’ bills. We call this “Bills into Mills”. We build windmills and solar parks across the UK, helping increase the amount of renewable energy in Britain’s energy mix.  We’re also developing green gasmills, which will generate 100% green gas from a source that will never run out – grass.   


For more information visit For your business | Ecotricity

Kitty’s Laundrette 

Kitty’s Laundrette is a community launderette and social space in the Everton/ Anfield area of Liverpool, run by local residents, offering affordable ecological services; as well as a space for people to gather, talk and learn. Kitty’s is a social enterprise which means all the money we make goes back into our community, helping to make good things happen. 

Future Yard 

Future Yard is a community venue in Birkenhead, Wirral, reimagining the role of music spaces promoting live industry training and local artist development. As an organisation, Future Yard has made the pledge of becoming the North West’s first carbon neutral venue, and in 2022 published the Sustainability Roadmap; a guide to low carbon touring and event production for DIY venues. 


Squash is a Community Interest Company a not for profit membership organisation and community food space in Liverpool 8. Working alongside local residents, Squash embraces art, creativity & food as essential tools to improve health and well-being. Squash’s activity includes seasonal land-based events, food growing, craft skills and training and enterprise development. 


Shift is the environmental sustainability network for the Liverpool City Region. Around 60 organisations strong, Shift convenes arts organisations across the city region to explore and implement ways to reduce the culture sector’s carbon footprint, introduce circularity to our productions and inspire our audiences into taking action to fight the climate crisis.