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Medical Pantry Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Medical Pantry!
We believe volunteers are integral to the daily operations of the Medical Pantry and are central to our ability to continue to deliver a high quality and impactful service. Our volunteers play key roles in a number of our positions, such as digital communications, fundraising, database maintenance and entry and assisting with tasks in our warehouse such as physically sorting and packing medical supplies for our charity partners.
Being a Volunteer involves attending regular programs with our Medical Pantry Members. We offer flexibility in the number of programs you choose to attend, and hope that you can make a significant time commitment to this worthy cause. While there is flexibility in regard to the number of programs you choose to attend throughout the year and for how long, we do ask - due to the nature and process of becoming a volunteer - that you intend to make a significant time commitment and that you have carefully considered your ability to balance other personal commitments.

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