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Griffon Summer camp 
31th July - 6th August Ottignies Belgium

Ottignies, Belgium 2023
Get your spot for the summer camp!
We ask each person or group to reserve their spot at the summer camp. We have a capacity of 100 ppl. All together, eat, build, play, dance, talk, share your skills and thoughts, and watch the stars together. All of this during one week in August.
We expect people with and without kids, from all generations, who are all going to contribute by volunteering or organizing workshops or activities for the community.
While the primary language of the plenary sessions will be in English, workshops and other activities will be either in English or French, or Dutch and we expect everyone to be very accommodating to this diversity.
Where? At l'Arbre qui pousse, Ottignies (map). 

💸 The base price of the summer camp is 100 € per a week/person

This includes:- Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 

The food budget is 15 € / day. (~ 5 per meal)
For kids under between 4-12 years old, it's 50 € per week/person and accommodates for free.
- Kids under 4 go for free!

💰 + We will send out a voluntary contributing a link to a shared budget for the Camp. This budget will be used during the summer camp, and we all will decide for what collectively on spot. More info will follow!


🏰 280 € 1 Room in Corps de logis (3-4 ppl rooms) at La Matrice Campus: See pictures of the whole Space here
🎪 220 € 1 Glamping tent (fits 3-4 ppl) La Matrice Campus (bring your own mattress and sleeping bags, access to shared showers, baths, kitchen, living room, and conference rooms space in La Matrice)
🏕️ 65 € Bring your own tents (access to dry toilet and outdoor showers (cold!!) )
Camping will be placed where the drawings are.
Read more about this gathering from each partner