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Global Real Estate Podcast Directory 2023

Welcome to the registration page for the 1st ever Global Real Estate Podcast Directory. Coming in 2023: The 1st Ever Global Real Estate Podcast Conference . 100% virtual and 1000% awesome! Be sure to let me know below if you wish to join the lineup for this year. Recording sessions are on now. All sessions are audio only. It is my goal to create the world's largest collection of podcasts featuring the premier global real estate professionals. From residential to commercial agents to mortgage brokers to inspectors to lawyers and all those involved in keeping the wheels turning in the world of real estate. As the host and creator of, aka the top result on google for "real estate podcast show", I have a simple mission. "To create the ultimate platform for real estate storytelling." From sharing the stories of the most incredible listings in my own community of Toronto, Ontario to working with all of you around the world to make sure your listings are also featured here as part of a unique podcast referral network. Think of this as being like having 1000 billboards on 1000 highways. And it wont cost you a dime to be part of it. No sales pitch involved. YOUR only requirement? You have to want to be on this podcast and help promote it MORE than I do. That includes your network, your PR people and even your family. If not, the podcast will not produce the results you want. There is a very big difference between me sharing your story on this podcast vs YOU telling your stories on your own. This is how I invest in my premier business relationships. Some of the most powerful leaders and influencers in real estate have joined me on the podcast, I hope you will too.
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Courtesy of Paul Indrigo, Real Estate Agent. Century 21 Regal Realty Inc., Brokerage. Host of